Connecting a programmer/debugger to my custom STM32 PCBs

When I make custom STM32 PCBs (such as my RF-mote or my ESC), I use an SWD connector for programming and debugging the microcontroller. The connector is a 6-pin micro-jst connector with 2mm pitch, which easily can be found by searching on ebay. An STM32 discovery board with stlinkv2 works perfectly for programming and debugging, and can be connected as shown here (click on the picture to get a larger version where the wire colors can be seen):


Notice that I have removed two jumpers on the discovery board to disconnect the SWD from the microcontroller. The pins in the jst connector are ordered in the same way as on the discovery board, but the outermost (green) cable is connected to 3V or VDD.

There are also some small and inexpensive stlinkv2 programmers available on ebay (just search for stlink v2), such as this one which I have soldered a micro-jst cable to:



I had some problems with too long JST cables. If uploading the program does not work for you, try shortening the JST cable.