My name is Benjamin and this site is where I intend to publish information about various projects I’m working on. I will also write/upload some tutorials, source code and schematics/hardware designs occasionally. My main interests are electronics, robotics and programming, which is what all of this will be about.

The reason for doing this is to share my knowledge with others and to get some feedback on the things I’m working on. This is also a good way to store documentation for my projects.

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  1. Benjamin,

    quite a cool site. I will have a closer look at the MP3 stuff. I was just googling for STM32F + MP3.

    Hard to believe that I found the 1:1 copied site. http://stm32projectconsulting.blogspot.de/2013/04/stm32f4-discovery-usb-host-and-mp3.html
    No idea what these kinda guys have between the ears (probably nothing)

    have you ever trieds to use other than an USB Flash Stick ? (thinking of CD/DVD drive … and yes – I am aware of the huge file system differences ;)))

    best regards

    PS: that buggy is incredibly fast. Funny to see how the tyre’s diameter grows upon accelleration

    • Hi,
      I have actually found two sites so far that have copied some of my posts right away, I don’t really know why though.

      I have tried this with an SD-card and it works more or less the same way. I don’t know about CD/DVD-drives though.

  2. Benjamin,
    Great work done. I am trying to use your ESC to drive a high speed sensorless BLDC to do:

    Configure the ESC and then

    1. start/ stop the motor
    2. control the speed(PID), current or PWM in real time at resolution of 1ms
    3. slop controllable acceleration and deceleration(regenerative)
    4. Control interface via UART(using self made windows program) or ADC

    Could you advice how to achieve them?

    Any more derailed information on UART communication protocol that enable me to do above. I do not know much on Linux (some experience on Windows UART).

    The best regards and well appropriated for your help.


  3. Hi Benjamin
    I was just curious as to what your set up is for your electric longboard. I would really like to build one myself and I’ve been doing some research but I’ve never done anything like this before. I was hoping you could tell me what motor you are using for your electric longboard and what batteries you use and how many you use. So therefore if I buy everything and put it all together I should have a board that functions like yours. Also if you have any help while I am building the board that would be great.
    Thanks very much.


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