Solar car races

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Re: Solar car races

Postby Thor » 31 Jul 2018, 13:19

The push-pull postdrivers are the current amplifiers. The IR2110 are only used for voltage amplification and level shifting. The MOSFETs I am using have quit substantial input capacitance. The IR2110 would have been too weak to drive them fast enough and it loweres the impedance as the gate capacitance is close to the drivers this way.
The 120 ohms resistor is there to give some feedback to the IR2110. Otherwise it would have very high impedance to the actual gate.
The 1u caps are the actual bootstrap/post driver caps. The 100n for the IR2110 only acts as a local reservoir for the chip. Currents there should be much lower than the currents around the post drivers.

BTW I pushed my changes to my GitHub. The branch HSWRV2 is now updated to FW3.40. I did not check if something is broke with 3.40, tho. If you want to be sure checkout my Tag "FW3.38". This one is well tested.


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Re: Solar car races

Postby gv260ea » 31 Jul 2018, 20:11

Thanks Thor I'll try your code tomorrow. I really appreciate what you have done.

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