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Re: 160KW VESC

Postby Shaharov » 16 May 2018, 09:11

marcos wrote:Well, if you want to try it now I can point you to the PCB manufacturer so you can avoid the pcb tooling. That way each board would cost you around $15 instead of $15+$200.

This first version was designed very fast and it needs a revision that I won't be able to make for about a month. For example, I made a mistake in an inductor footprint and I have to power up the board with a regulated 24v supply instead of a ~12v that is stepped up to 24v. There is also a non-ideal layout of the 3.3v regulator, and there is some noise ripple so more capacitance is needed at the supplies.

The rest seems to be working fine, although I need some input from benjamin to continue. In your case you might need lighter phase voltage/current filtering. Right now the low pass filters delay the signals by almost 2useg, which might be a problem in a low inductance motor.

In the repository there is an interface board example that should be delivered to me next wednesday,
inverter assembly.png

That interface has the needed current and voltage sensors that you'll probably need.

Right now, I need the vesc 6 firmware because this has 3 phase current sensors, then I will need the incoming interface board, and in between I'll try to update the layout to fix the inductor screwup.

I'd encourage you to check the schematic, tell me if there is something you'd need or if you something odd. Maybe you can get to try the revised pcb. I won't assemble them for you, it takes me 2 full days to assemble 2 boards.

Hi Marcos,

Im interested in trying and Id love to get the pcb manufacturer you use

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