Diver propulsion vehicle (dpv) prototype

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Diver propulsion vehicle (dpv) prototype

Postby dpvdiver » 14 Sep 2018, 21:44

Good evening VESC enthousiast around the world.

I have started on an ambitious project but i might need some help to get around a few questions around the ESC.

My plan was to design and build a diver propulsion vehicle (yes like you see in movies like james bond...) from scratch. (few specs: go 150meters deep (16bars), last 2 hours, descent speed with enough power)

The motor i want to build my self is very similar to the RC helicopter/quadcopters with the propellor directly attached to the magnetic rotor. I allready bought my diving propellor and magnetic rotor (24p) and order the correct stator (36teeth) in a factory in china at 5pcs MOQ :(

Since the motor (stator and rotor) will be emerged in water my plan is to completly fill the stator with epoxy resin for waterproofing and pressure resistance. because it will not be able to transfer heat the same way it would do in air i want to add a NTC thermoresistor but i cant find anywhere what the value should be?

Can anyone give me a formule to calculate the motor RPM versus ERPM? max rpm on my project would be 1200 RPM.

Yesterday i orderd a VESC from faraday motors so hopefully by the time it gets here i have decided what wire gauge i will use for winding the stator.

If anyone is interrested i am willing to post here the progress of the project.

so a short list of my questions:

Resistance for the motor NTC?
Formule for RPM vs ERPM (with poles and stator teeths)?

Kind regards
Tobias Mortier

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Re: Diver propulsion vehicle (dpv) prototype

Postby pf26 » 16 Sep 2018, 07:35

NTC: 10K (try to keep the same characteristics as the one used on the VESC PCB)
magnetic rotor (24p) : -> ERPM = 24/2 * RPM (assuming p is poles, not polepairs.) Quite easy to check anyways, for instance, there are free Strobe apps for Android phones, like Strobly...

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