Axial Flux Motor 24S/32P

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Axial Flux Motor 24S/32P

Postby tobiokanobi » 06 Sep 2018, 17:38

Hi all,

first, thanks for this forum and great project.

I've designed and build (3D Print) an Axial Flux Motor with 24Stators and 32 Poles (1stator, two discs with 32p on either side of the stator). Today I ran the motor the first time and - surprisingly - it worked :-), but unfortunately not perfectly. The 3D printed parts don't fit perfectly and cause some unwanted additional friction, vibrations etc...however, those issues I can solve easily. The Air Gap is really bad.....

Moreover, the motor needs a "little" kick to turn. I used (because I had it) a basic HK 30A ESC, and it looks like I need to catch the right moment until the ESC can jump in to turn the motor. As soon as it turns, it works flawless. (okay except the vibrations and the chafing....).

I assume currently two reasons a) timing b) friction to high to latch in.

Now my question: Do you guys think, the VESC can handle an Axial Brushed Motor (at the moment, there will be no load, it is just testing, but towards the end, I hope to get 36 to 48V / 50A per stator disc (yes, if it works I will bundle a few stators and more rotors up to increase power, each controlled by an ESC)

On more question: FOC - any sensor you recommend? I saw that VESC supports a few. And do you think it will improve start up control? (at the end I need ~1500rpm max; nominal 1200rpm. Low 1000rpm.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

P.S. Star wired

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