throttle range/travel on 2.4 ghz mini remote

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throttle range/travel on 2.4 ghz mini remote

Postby kustihusti » 05 May 2018, 09:03

Hey Guys
I got a problem with the throttle-range on my 2.4 Ghz mini remote. The problem is, that I already reach full speed at 25% of throttle travel. This also happens if I’m on the board (75kg load). I’ve tried almost everything what was discussed in the forums. I’ve even bought a new remote (2.4 Ghz) changing from the nano remote to the mini remote. My setup is current control no reverse with break in PPM mode. Anyone has an idea to solve this problem within the BLDC tool form Benjamin Vedder? I’m using the latest version of the BLDC tool and a VESC from . Or is there calibration of the remote needed? Any advice to my specific problem would be highly appreciated. :D
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Re: throttle range/travel on 2.4 ghz mini remote

Postby devin » 07 May 2018, 15:12

this is a theory: look at this chart representing a board with 50a battery limit & 120a motor amp limit settings.

i assume that the throttle range in your setup controls the motor current... so at 0mph, if you look at the blue line top left chart (motor amps), 100% throttle corresponds with 120a motor current (0% throttle = 0a motor current).

now look at 20mph... at this speed the 50a battery limit corresponds to roughly ~90a motor limit. if the throttle is still programmed for 100% throttle to equate to 120a motor amps, but only ~90a motor is possible to stay within the 50a battery limit at 20mph, this could result in the throttle range from 75% (90a) to 100% (120a) having no effect whatsoever. one possible solution is to keep the motor current and battery current limits at the same numerical value, this way, the full “motor current limit” should be available via the throttle at all speeds, but it limits you to about 60a battery limit & 60a motor limit.


the following chart shows 50a motor current limit & 50a battery current limit (both same numerically):


^notice the full 50a motor current is “accessible” via the throttle at all rpms due to the battery current limit also being 50a.

a separate possible solution would be to program the throttle to control battery current rather than motor current. this is just a theory, hope it helps.

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Re: throttle range/travel on 2.4 ghz mini remote

Postby Hummie » 29 May 2018, 05:49

there's a page on the vesc tool and you can adjust the throttle amount there

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