Issue with motor detection/ no red LEDS

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Issue with motor detection/ no red LEDS

Postby MTBVASEY » 04 Apr 2018, 21:34

Hi all,

I'm after some advice with my self assembled VESC 4.12 HW with V2.18 FW.

My journey to assemble and use the VESC hasn't been too slick so far with ST LINK from ebay with shorts, using USB connectors which have reversed (upside down) footprint, and now a believed DRV fault.

I have built two VESC, both fail the motor detection, one starts without any red LEDS, but does connect to the BLDC tool and recognises the transciever input, and passes it over CAN to the other VESC.

The other VESC starts with three red flashes then goes off, connects to the BLDC tool, fails motor detection, but spins when the demand is received via the can bus. The VESC will spin the motor for slow/low demands, but as it speeds up, the motor suddenly stops, and the red LED begins flashing. The faults in the terminal report a DRV error, but the VESC recovers, and the same symptons can be repeated.

I am hoping that it is simply the ground pad didn't flow properly when I replaced them last time (replaced twice already) as I didn't use solder paste, just plenty of flux.

What do you guys reckon, am I on the right lines?

Thanks, Andy.

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