Throttle control lag

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Throttle control lag

Postby dmcke5 » 01 Apr 2018, 08:47

Hi guys, new here!
Just want to start and say amazing work on the VESC, it truly is a great piece of hardware! I've been working on my own arduino based remote control for my board and I've run into a bit of a problem. I've got the UART connection working well, and have telemetry data transmitting back to my controller nicely. I'm using the setCurrent method of throttle control and I'm getting a fair bit of lag on accelerate and brake. I won't claim it isn't my code, as that's still a possibility but I suspect its lag between the arduino and the VESC itself over the UART port. Its only about 500ms at a guess, but its definitely enough to throw you off if you aren't careful. Telemetry seems to be coming through nice and quickly however it would be difficult to perceive a 500ms delay in that information.
Has anyone else experienced this lag when using the setCurrent method of control? I guess my other option is to swap to PWM control but I was hoping to avoid adding any extra wiring and would rather stay digital if possible.


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