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Re: General questions

Postby TheFallen » 23 Mar 2018, 08:57

MOSFET vs Diode

MOSFET drops ~0.075V
Diode drops 0.6V

That 8 times difference means you've got 8 times less current flowing to get the same power dissipation.

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Re: General questions

Postby devin » 24 Mar 2018, 09:36

Suppose the rider is coasting at 10mph (below no load speed) at 0% throttle...

while coasting at 0% throttle, is the vesc applying a pwm effective voltage which is equal to the back emf voltage at all times or are all the mosfets “off”?

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Re: General questions

Postby rew » 04 Apr 2018, 04:39

Because most people configure the throttle as a current control device, at 0 throttle you will command 0 current. In that case the vesc turns everything off. The gui will however show a duty cycle proportional to the speed.

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