Offering Repair Service DRV 8302 Europe

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Offering Repair Service DRV 8302 Europe

Postby Brushless Devil » 09 Oct 2017, 22:06

Hello everyone.

After assembling 10 VESC , and replacing 20 DRV8302 IC I feel comfortable helping anyone who suffers from this type of fault "DRV8302".

Since I do a honest work everyone interested should send a private message with a picture of the speed controller!

It's not that difficult to replace the DRV 8302,and I encourage everyone to do it so.
But without any electronic know how and the right equipment,its not easy!

I request a picture because sometimes when the DRV8302 burns " badly" the soldered pins take some copper pads from the PCB,and that I can't solve!

I offer this service to help the community.

The DRV8302 is the weakest and most high rate failure IC in the VESC....Been there..done that.

Every speed controller will be tested before shipping back to anyone with a video.

Best Regards to all.

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