VESC 6 RC car application

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VESC 6 RC car application

Postby Boardnamics » 11 Dec 2017, 05:50

For the longest time the rc car speed run community has been using Castle Creations escs due to the power they provide, adjust ability, and general ease of use and affordability. I wanted to try something different though and use the vesc instead seeing as it is a lot more advanced than off the shelf components.

My application will be for a high speed rc car, and by high speed I am talking well over 100mph. My target is anything over 150 and beyond. The current world record is 202mph by Nic Case, who used a 12s HV Castle Pheonix ESC. I am sure the vesc can push this kind of power to.

About the erpm limit with the vesc 6, what would it be? I have had a 4.12 in the past and I realize there was a 60kerpm limit before DRV errors. What can the vesc 6 handle? I saw the demo of something like 120k? This is important because the erpm of my project will be over 60k, something like:

12s x (4.2v) = 50.4v(1200kv)(2 pole pairs...4 magnets on the rotor)= 120k erpm. I may need to go higher on the kv actually, but yeah you get the idea.
As for amps I should be okay. At this high level of voltage I should be under 150a peak. Cooling will be very aggressive. I will also be keeping the battery wires short and low guage to cut down on that ripple voltage.

Would FOC really be necessary here? My answer is no, just seeing as how harder it is to set up just right. The silence is not an issue here. Also some people have been reporting that FOC lowers top speed and sometimes torque in some cases. Just seems like a hassle but it would be cool to know that it was running FOC.

Let me know what you guys think, a lot of you are serious experts. Hopefully they come down in cost cause $300 for an esc from trampa hurts lol

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