Other voltage scaling.

Discussions regarding the Field Oriented Control (FOC) implementation on the VESC.
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Re: Other voltage scaling.

Postby ragonamuffin » 15 Aug 2017, 10:44

I ordered two VESC 6s so I can get back to developing my product instead of developing a migraine :lol:

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Re: Other voltage scaling.

Postby Thor » 20 Aug 2017, 13:55

Well, the STM32s are pretty unforgiving regarding over voltage^^ Not a AVR which can run on 12V just fine xD

I just posted about the voltage divider issue in my own thread regarding the HSWR. The firmware indeed does not like it if the division factor is changed. To get it running anyway I just left the dividers as they are and clamped the processor pins with 3,3V Zeners. The voltage measurment is not used while the motor is actively driven. It is only used when freewheeling and my test showed no significant issues there with supply voltages up to 160V.


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