VESC manufactured by Ollin Board Company

If you plan to make a group order, if you have spare VESCs or parts for sale etc. you can post that here.
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Re: VESC manufactured by Ollin Board Company

Postby chaka » 17 Oct 2016, 14:58

Over the past year we have had great success manufacturing the VESC ourselves. We discovered early on that the VESC was actually a very reliable and well designed motor controller and did not deserve it's original reputation of being failure prone. In fact we have experienced less than 1% failure rate among our customers, this includes failures from abuse and incorrect installation. Given the VESC's reliability we have decided to increase our industry leading warranty, our customers are now covered for two years.

Failures that occur after two years or from abuse are still eligible for repair or replacement at the cost of components or a flat rate repair fee.

Benjamin Vedder has proven to be an exceptional designer and engineer. We will continue to send him support for his work and build his designs to the level and quality we have become known for.

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