Adapterboard for AS5047P -- WANTED

If you plan to make a group order, if you have spare VESCs or parts for sale etc. you can post that here.
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Adapterboard for AS5047P -- WANTED

Postby michael_wintergarden » 02 Sep 2016, 07:51


I'm looking for an AS5047P Adapterboard.
I'm from Denmark and shipping usually takes quite long if the part comes from the US...

Maybe somebody lives in the EU and can offer me such a board.

Thank you.

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Re: Adapterboard for AS5047P -- WANTED

Postby pf26 » 05 Sep 2016, 12:22

I think you can get 985-AS5047D-EK-AB from mouser. Delivered in EU within a couple of days;
Beware it is Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer.

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