Which VESC should I buy for e-longbaord. (need advice)

If you plan to make a group order, if you have spare VESCs or parts for sale etc. you can post that here.
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Which VESC should I buy for e-longbaord. (need advice)

Postby derbe » 14 Jul 2018, 18:48

Hi Guys,

I started some month a go with buildung e longbaord (cheap parts - cause didnt know if I like it or not). Already had a lot of fun, still adjusting things. But the next "big" update I think should be a vesc.

Now the big question which one is the right one for me ?
For now I'm using 270kv motor with 6S. (Think about to update both things)

I already saw that there are vesc 6 for like 330€ which seems to be the best? But the question is do I really need one of those?

I mean there are also some from maytech, which are like 100€ each which is like 1/3 price, but also read in some forums more often that they are not that good(?). Also found a very cheap on here : http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayIS ... spheader=1

Hm I mean I like to buy a good one (I hope I can set up breaks, get back some energy back from breaks, setup all other stuff which could be usefull for e-skakboard)

I also have the fear if I buy a cheap one that e.g. somehting happed with the software like one update and it breaks. But on the other hand if I know please don't do any updates, okay fine for me if it is not really need it I can leave it like it is.
But this should not be an issue if I can have a guid.

Also on addional thing is FOC, I ready a lot about this, but I looks for (at least for me) that this can (if not perfect setup) damaged any vesc? But the feature it self sound very nice to me. Could you please help me up to find and but the right vesc for me?

I mean if there is no other option then e.g. Vest 6 okay, then I think I will but it. But if it is not nessasary why should I spent fo mutch € ? Any good alternatives? Or lets say near same quality?

I'm for germany, so EU stuff would be nice, but also will buy for any other countires if needed and cost are not too high.

Thanks for any advice ;)

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