Building a VESC

If you plan to make a group order, if you have spare VESCs or parts for sale etc. you can post that here.
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Building a VESC

Postby hackware » 20 Dec 2017, 21:11

I just went through creating an order from the github bom file...

Just the Mouser components came to $72.19...!
(matching connectors seems to be impossible, unless you just GUESS)...
(even the FARNELL home web page will not match bom part numbers)...

add couple buck for the connectors, then $10-20+ for the pcb and it's very close for the cost of a completed board...

unless you are a total masochist, why would anybody build a VESC by hand...?


ps. I still might build MOST of the standard VESC, excluding the FETs for a higher power project, but otherwise, for a "standard" VESC, i'll just buy it...

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Re: Building a VESC

Postby TheFallen » 21 Dec 2017, 08:50

They may have cheaper sources for some components, building more than one at once which ought to bring the price down.

Luckily you don't have to build a VESC 4.12 by hand, hobbyking will sell you one for $90! ... rsion.html

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