"Encoder support is not enabled"

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"Encoder support is not enabled"

Postby alexisthethe » 14 May 2017, 08:06

I have a brushless motor with encoder specially made for electric skateboards and I want to control it with the VESC.
I downloaded the bldc-firmware, bldc-bootloader and bldc-tool, and followed the whole tutorial. But I am stuck with FOC control with encoder..
I followed the youtube tutorial of benjamin and there is no more firmware for encoder like "VESC_encoder.bin" and when I press the button Measure for encoder section in the FOC configuration window it says "Encoder support is not enabled".
I also tried to add a line "#define ENCODER_ENABLE 1" in the conf_general.h and reflash my VESC with this firmware, but it does not do anything..

I looked on the forum for a troubleshooting procedure, but didn't find any. Do you know this problem and have a solution ?

Thanks for your help


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Re: "Encoder support is not enabled"

Postby benjamin » 17 May 2017, 11:38

Encoder support is enabled in the firmware by default and does not need any special compile any more. To use an encoder you need to choose the correct hall/encoder port mode on the advanced page.

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