PWM issue STM32f4-discovery (may be)?

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PWM issue STM32f4-discovery (may be)?

Postby dkmorb » 24 Apr 2017, 07:37

Hi all, I'm new here.
I'm experimenting to learn on a stm32f4-discovery board, but my (poor old) cdrom motor goes back and forth.
I suspect it's a pwm problem because I think pulses on negative side aren't right...
Any idea about?
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Re: PWM issue STM32f4-discovery (may be)?

Postby rew » 24 Apr 2017, 18:46

This looks like a motor running in BLDC mode. I remember seeing something like this. During one of the steps, the lowside FET is continuously on. That is not necessarily wrong.

The VESC software is tuned to much different motors than what you have. So it could be that you need to adjust some of the parameters like the "integration limit".

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