VESC accleration time reduction with load

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VESC accleration time reduction with load

Postby anroop » 16 Mar 2017, 08:00


End Application : Custom application to drive 200 Grams load from 0 to 12000 RPM in < 1.5 sec
Load type : 200 Gram 150 mm dia plastic disc
ESC : VESC 4.12 from maytech (
Motor : 449470 ( ... C-i/449470)

Inertia calculated : 5625 g/cm2
Torque required : 0.7 Nm

Present operation scenario :
FOC sensor mode, Shunts changed to 1 mOhm to 10 mOhm, Firmware remains the same (as for 1 mOhm shunt), 0-60 VDC power source (set to 52 VDC), 2 A continuous current - Using this we are able to accelerate a smaller load form 0 to 12000 RPM in 2~3 seconds. How do I achieve <1.5 Second acceleration from 0 to 12000 RPM for the smaller load (~50 grams, later would also try to check with 200 grams load). I assume the PID current control and parameters in the Advanced section somehow relates to the acceleration curve the prevent me from instantaneous acceleration (1.5 second). If someone could guide me to tweak these parameters that may improve my system will be helpful.

About the Firmware :
Since, I replaced 1 mOhm to 10 mOhm I have set current parameters on BLDC tool to be 10x of values rated by the motor (motor nominal continuous current is 2.5 A so I have set the motor max current to 60 A (6 A as max inrush and 10x of 6A gives 60 A)), similarly I have used scaled values for detecting the motor parameters and Hall sensors (FOC sensor operation). But if this would still affect my operations I would preferably change the values

Neither i have any platform to edit the firmware nor i have firmware files. All i have is the BLDC tool software and bin files of firmware.
I have worked in pic and avr platforms, so i can understand the code and change it accordingly. But I need to know where can i edit the code and where can i get the firmware codes. If changing the firmware would help me improve my units performance I'm glad to do it. please suggest me a suitable opensource compiler & "how to" for the same.

Anybody with possible relations and help are welcome...

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