Changing "Power Modes" ?

Support for creating custom user applications on the VESC.
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Changing "Power Modes" ?

Postby notger » 09 Nov 2016, 14:59


Did someone allready make any application that makes it possible to have ,..
...lets say 2 or 3 different Power modes, ruled by the maximum Amps.

For my use they could either be switched by any kind of analog button near the VESC,
Or sure switching them via my RC-Remote wich has one channel free would also be amazing.

The purpos would be to either let beginners, or Kids try my board with lower power, or.. more gently trough the pedestrian zone, an on full power out in the field again.

Those modes could be something like MAX-AMPS 80 - 120 - 150 or anything else.

Thanks in advance


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