Web XML config import/export tool

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Web XML config import/export tool

Postby makevoid » 06 Aug 2016, 01:22

I've made a config exporter/visualizer/tool

It simply gives the possibility to Upload, Edit, Save and Export VESC XML configs, the code


you can try to play with the values a bit and then export the XML and import it in your BLDC tool (you should backup the XML of your configs first)

Features I would like to implement:

- share as public gist/code-snippet/pastebin
- load from gist/snippet/pastebin url

You can easily link configs and they will be loaded on page load:

http://goo.gl/Q6DN4C (these settings are different from the default one as I have an 8S lipo config)

Just press enter on a value, the url will change, copy it, paste it into goo.gl or another link shortener and VOILA', you always have your vesc configs tweakable and exportable

The app should work correctly and save the corresponding value, do you think that it can be useful? Which features do you think that should be added to that?

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