Help with RC-Remote, Servo break App

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Help with RC-Remote, Servo break App

Postby notger » 13 Jun 2016, 09:22


i guess Help is the wrong term, cause i actually do not have a clue how to write an app for the VESC.
So the Thread should have the titel, (who writes the following app for me ;-)

so my plan is, to control the VESC with a RC-2 chanel-Remote control.

- one chanel should be Gas-throttle, and Regenerative Break
- the second chanel (the steering chanel of a car-remote) should control a servo, connected to the SERVO pins of the VESC
(this Servo will push a hydraulik magura break lever to have additional breaks to the regen breaks)
- cause i just need for expl. the left-steering-postion of the remote control for breaks, the right steering would be free-->
-so the right steering signal of the secon chanel should control any free signal pin on the VESC for swiching on lights, a horn, any relay,.....

greets, and thanks in advance (don't forget you will be a honored pioneer with writing this app for us/me ;-)


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