Support for creating custom user applications on the VESC.
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Postby hackware » 18 Dec 2017, 18:19

reading through the docs at

The hardware and software is open source. Since there are plenty of CPU-resources left, the customization possibilities are almost endless.
STM32F4 microcontroller.

just how much headroom remains...?

would there be enough to drive 4x DRV8302 drivers...?

then output the DRV8302 signals to external fet/igfet high power modules...?

since most of the software mods would be to "loop" through existing code, to replicate driver service, a higher level wrapper, and extended scratchpad for each "motor" would be required...

this level of software hacking even i could perhaps do...
(not as well as Ben, and many of you other "real" programmers, but i can see this being doable)...

i just do not know if the STM32F4 has enough headroom to do 4x (+overhead) workload...


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Postby hackware » 19 Dec 2017, 14:42

follow on to above...

mouser has the discovery board STM32F412G-DISCO containing the STM32F412G for $25...

would that be a good place to start for a VESC4X recode...?
(4-5x runtime requirements over vesc standard load)...

or should i go for a full blown rebuild on a raspberry pi...?
(asus pi clone tinkerboard - 12x speed with 4 cores and 2gb ram)...

i am not a "real" programmer, but i've hacked from 8051's to ibm 3090's...

anybody have constructive thoughts...?


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Postby arvidb » 19 Dec 2017, 15:33

Make sure the hardware you choose has all the peripherals needed (timers, ADC channels etc) and that they can be used together in the way necessary (I believe the VESC needs to be able to sync ADC measurements to certain parts of the PWM output - this needs hardware support).

Also, make sure your platform supports the necessary real time requirements. An RPi running Linux is NOT the right platform for this.

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Postby rew » 23 Dec 2017, 23:52

The STM32F412 does not have the 3 ADC modules that the VESC uses.

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