Brand new VESC DRV error

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Brand new VESC DRV error

Postby Pedrodemio » 21 May 2017, 17:25

Hello guys, I just installed a new VESC to replace the one I acidentaly short

I was using a external 12v volt power supply, with all the voltages limits lowered, so no problem there. When i tried to detect the motor, it barely spun and immediately I got DRV error, since then every attempt to detect the motor results in the famous DRV error

I inspected every weld and everything seems alright, the only anomaly I've found is the forward voltage of one of the MOSFET's is higher, around 700mv, while all the other are around 500mv

Could it be that this FET is the problem and the DRV is alright? the FET I can replace, but I don't have SMD equipment neither a easily way to buy the and replace the DRV

Thanks for any help

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