turning motor without battery connected

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turning motor without battery connected

Postby solarcross » 25 Jun 2016, 17:27

Been enjoying my latest ebike build with VESC (4.7)
- Tacon 160 Brushless Motor (245KV) on 10s
- 3 wire twist throttle
- motor reduction -- 1 full pedal crank rotation = +30 motor rotations..
(generates approx. 11 Volts measured by watt-meter when pedaling at my maximum output)
So, I was out cruising around.. I stopped at the local sk8 park to ride some small hips and jumps.. No motorized vehicles re allowed, so I dis-connected the battery from VESC.. for about 10-15min.. It is short straight run (100feet) so i only get 3-4 pedal rotations in ..
Anyhow.. after I re-connected the battery and twist the trottle.. No response.. its dead..

Got home connect to PC.. via USB
FW 1.2 and old BLDC tool
motor detection still works and motor spins up.. VESC blue led`s ON
but the throttle (3 wire _i2c-uart-adc connection_) is not responding..
I tested another twist throttle but still no response..
( I dont have servo tester or other gear to try)

Any ideas on how I can proceed or debug ??


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