Floating Virtual Ground -- ESC dies with 12S

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Floating Virtual Ground -- ESC dies with 12S

Postby readerror67 » 09 May 2016, 00:40

Hello everyone,

Been wrestling with some issues the past few days and haven't had much luck.
I built up 3 VESC 4.10's, they all flash/connect etc fine.
The problem I am having is when I hook up 12s and ahve the ESC hooked to the motors, things seem to die after running the detection.
I replaced the DRV8302 once, tested it with a smaller SK3 3542 on the bench at 30V, worked fine.

Transfered it over to the board (anxious to ride once I can get around the ESC issues) which has 6374 149kv motors. Then ran the detection, couldn't hear the motor do anything, changed some params, still nothing.
Its back to just throwing the generic DRV8302 fault and on the BEMF page the virtual ground is back to where it was prior to the DRV swap..

Both ESCs have had this issue, I used the BOM 1:1 with the exception of the impossible to buy shunts, both are using 0.0005 ohm instead.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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