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Vesc 4.12 flashing error

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 17:25
by Chomay
Hello there, I've just soldered Vesc 4.12 board I ordered from Then I followed instructions on Benjamin's blog about flashing the firmware and connecting it to BLDC Tool.
However, after flashing the boot loader the process freezes on resetting target. I used stink v2 for flashing and ubuntu linux. After many tries I tried to power it from my bench power supply with slowly increasing voltage to around 30V when the misfit driver let magic smoke out :? . Probably due to lack of capacitors :oops:. I ordered new driver and will resolver it. But need to solve STM related problem earlier. After using windows to flash software I received verification was successful but no red led on board. Only blue one. To summarize, I have vesc without working driver and with sim that doesn't want to show in usb devices after programming. Also I noticed a difference in installation log between mine and Benjamin's tutorial. I have linked the picture below, and the picture showing that something managed to be flashed.

So if anyone can help me, please write any ideas to try. For now I am helpless and need the driver for my graduation work.


Re: Vesc 4.12 flashing error

Posted: 28 Dec 2017, 23:58
by TrevM
With Benjamins current bootloader and setup it flashes ok, it verifies ok, then it hangs on reset. This appears to be normal behaviour, mine did exactly the same and is now fully working.
If you now check the bldc_firmware (not bootloader) code that you downloaded by following Benjamins instructions, you will discover it is no longer V2.18, but has been updated (look in conf_general.h as also mentioned in instructions).
If you continue with original instructions then you build and run the BLDC_Tool, it will tell you the firmware in the VESC is too old.
Instead, go to the new web page:
Download and run the BLDC Tool from there and everything should work.

Re: Vesc 4.12 flashing error

Posted: 08 Jan 2018, 13:22
by Kenchen

I also have the flashing issue with the Vesc 4.12 board, I flsahing BLDC_4_Bootloader.hex, but can't work, would you tell me which bootloader is right. thanks.