PID Speed control issues

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PID Speed control issues

Postby rakshak » 12 Sep 2018, 03:57

I am using a VESC to control a sensor'ed motor. I am using the PID speed control mode. Everything works fine when the throttle in under (aprox) 20%. Once it gets over that, the motor ramps up to max. Nothing I do (short of cutting the power) makes the motor stop. Hitting "Stop" or "Breaks" on the VESC tool or setting the throttle to zero doesn't make the motor stop.

I have the VESC tool connected to the motor and I can see that the VESC is not sending any signals to the motor but the duty cycle is at 95%. (Attached screenshot)

Let me know which of my settings you would like to see to help with debugging.

EDIT: After some more testing I have noticed that the motor spins out of control when it hit 35% duty. Not sure if this is a symptom or something unrelated.
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