Vesc 4.12 - Exploded Block Capacitor

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Vesc 4.12 - Exploded Block Capacitor

Postby RyanSkate » 17 Jun 2018, 20:44

I'm not too electronically inclined but I just started attempting to build my own electric skate board. I have a 9S power supply and a 4.12 vesc from I wired all my batteries together correctly and plugged them into my esc and also plugged in my motor then connected the esc to my computer. Using the program from I began the motor wizard. When I got to the step to detect the resistance and inductance of my motor it would only report an inductance value and the resistance would stay at 0 preventing me from moving forward to the next detection. Sometimes when I would click the detect button it wouldn't even try and other times it would after a delayed amount of time and other times it would try right away then still report 0 for the resistance. After messing with it for a while and changing some values it sparked and blew up the block capacitor and a wire was fried as shown in the pic.
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What did I do wrong, could it have been a faulty board?

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Re: Vesc 4.12 - Exploded Block Capacitor

Postby RuBisCO » 06 Jul 2018, 03:51

The big block capacitor failed short-circuit, causing the PCB trace to burn.
Here's a video explaining how this can happen with Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors
Faulty Capacitor.

Have you tried the BLDC mode detection at all? Also what kind of inductance values was it reporting? There might also be a fault on the DRV8302 (there's always a fault on the DRV8302 :roll:).

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