AS5048 reading only half part of positions

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AS5048 reading only half part of positions

Postby GvB » 12 Jan 2018, 17:09

I attached an AS5048 to my vesc with SPI, got rid of the filter, but got a problem.
The positions read are 180 degrees to 360 degrees in 1 full rotation. Position control works fine above 180 and data is jitter free. Not sure why it does not read below 180. From what I can read on Vesc forums this should work fine.
Research on interwebs reveals a similar problem when SPI mode is set to the wrong edge (rising or falling). This might be the case here , I do not know, symptoms are alike...
For me fixing the sourcecode is a bit beyond my reach (I think). I ordered AS3047's (instead of the AS3048's I've got)hoping that they will be the easy fix.
Nonetheless the problem is there. Not sure about how or why.
Vesc 4.12 by the way

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