0,0005 Ohm Shunt How to get it run?

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0,0005 Ohm Shunt How to get it run?

Postby Gauliver » 11 Jan 2017, 10:59

Hi There,
I changed the "standart" 0,001Ohm shunts with 0,0005Ohm ones because the drv8302 got damaged at above 200A peak. I installed the firmware for this shunts but it don`t work propably. Sometimes I can spinn the motor so it seems pretty close to work. motordetection always foult and FOC detection leads to wrong motor resistant and inductivity.(about faktor 10 both to high)

So what else to change to get the hardware run?

Input current seems to be not measured, too and virtuell GND sometimes went up when the motor is not spinning.

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Re: 0,0005 Ohm Shunt How to get it run?

Postby artteth » 13 Jan 2017, 07:41

make photos of all
your resoldered vesc (both sides) all bloc tool windows what firmware file ...
more info=faster solution

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