VESC HW Redesign (VESC Mini?)

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Re: VESC HW Redesign (VESC Mini?)

Postby tobawo » 10 May 2016, 18:20

Has there been any progress on the project in the meantime? We also use the VESC in 1/10 RC-Cars, therefore a smaller / less voltage HW would fit perfectly. We could also participate in testing the HW if that would help. :)

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Re: VESC HW Redesign (VESC Mini?)

Postby monkeky » 12 May 2016, 12:29

I really hope this project goes well, I've been looking for a smaller form factor well built ESC for battlebots for a while.

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Re: VESC HW Redesign (VESC Mini?)

Postby BlakeCarmichael » 31 Oct 2017, 00:23

Any updates on this project?
Would it work with a 7s battery and maximum input current of 10 A?

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