Motor saturation

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Motor saturation

Postby fotherja » 15 May 2017, 23:23

I want to get as much torque out of my SK3 149Kv motor as possible. Am I right in thinking that it's ok to put more than the rated current through the motor as long as you can keep it cool enough? It's rated for 70A, will 120A be ok for ~15 seconds? Or do the magnetic cores saturate in such motors? Would the VESC be damaged by a motor's core going into saturation?

Can't wait for the VESC6! I'm assuming the hardware GERBER files will be released along with the rest?

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Re: Motor saturation

Postby Hummie » 17 May 2017, 05:00

if you were to saturate the core it's more of a plateau effect and not a cliff. the vesc has a temp sensor to protect it from getting too hot.

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Re: Motor saturation

Postby benjamin » 17 May 2017, 10:23

Saturation is likely to cause problems as the observer and current controllers will become mistuned as the motor changes parameters. Also, saturation of magnetic cores can be quite steep, so it is not a linear thing that happens slowly.

I have implemented some saturation compensation in the new firmware that can be configured manually if you want to push motors to their limits. I'm using it on my ebike where it helps a lot. I don't know how the turnigy motor will deal with 120A. I have a 168kv 6374 motor that runs fine at 100A at least without any saturation, so it is possible that it can handle a bit more. 149kv means that it will saturate at lower current than 168kv though.

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