why the topic “VESC 5” is gone?

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Re: why the topic “VESC 5” is gone?

Postby rew » 13 May 2017, 09:33

michael_zh wrote:what‘s the website of your own forum?you are an expert in VESC。

My company "BitWizard" sells modules usable to quickly prototype projects. I was hoping to get a community of users. The spamming problem grew MUCH faster than here, nobody posted anything, the forum died.

I also maintain a private forum for another group I'm in (6 people). We communicate and "archive" remarks regarding topics in what the forum calls "topics" too. I just checked, the "delete user with all posts" is an "adminstrator" action and it is clearly available to me on that forum and not here.

I deleted 8 more spam messages just now. I paid a bit attention to what I was doing. After scanning the first three messages for the topic title and seeing the same user being the spammer, I noticed that simply tagging the topics with the "last poster" was listed as that guy was faster. click click click... And that's when I realized that IF this spammer also posted in an existing thread I'd delete that thread too. So that's what I'm guessing happened.

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Re: why the topic “VESC 5” is gone?

Postby benjamin » 14 May 2017, 13:12

rew wrote:
benjamin wrote:I usually delete spam by banning the users by email and then deleting their account while deleting all their posts, then I don't have to check the threads individually.
As a mere "moderator" and not "site admin" I don't have that option. "The delete account with all posts" requires "site admin" privileges.

Or at least... I do it the way Benjamin described on my own forum, but I haven't seen that option here...

I checked and that seems to be the case. I just gave you the user and groups admin role, so you should be able to delete users in the way I described. Thanks again for all the help.

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