Is there a setting for cruise control without braking?

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Is there a setting for cruise control without braking?

Postby crstophr » 25 Jan 2017, 02:44

Hey all. I'm finally up on my dual vesc board using a kama as throttle. I'm happy to say everything seems to be working as expected. My only surprise was in how the cruise control is operating. In my previous wiiciever based control using the C button as cruise worked like it would in an automobile. It added power to keep me at the set speed but never applied brakes. When I accelerated down a small slope or something it would allow me to flow with gravity and speed up a bit and then slowly kick back in as my speed came back down.

With the controller wired directly into the vesc the cruise is operating differently. It's applying negative torque and braking if the board starts to accelerate past the set speed. I can see how you might want this on a long down hill but for me it's an awkward and disconcerting feel on relatively flat ground. I'm feeling frequent small braking forces with slight variations in the slope of the sidewalk or street. More speed smooths this out but it's still there. Another strange side effect is that with cruise on I can't pop the nose of the board up. I have a longboard with a kicktail (child of the 80s :) and because raising the nose means slightly accelerating the back wheel the vesc will counter this and prevent the nose from lifting much.

So long story for a quick question... is there any way to allow for cruise control in this scenario but disable the braking effect?

Thanks for this amazing piece of technology.

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