vesc on a multicopter

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vesc on a multicopter

Postby srinath » 17 Jan 2017, 14:41


Has anyone flown Vesc on multicopters ?

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Re: vesc on a multicopter

Postby hexakopter » 23 Jan 2017, 21:09

I haven't heard of that. I think mostly because of the price and the erpm limit which should stay below 60000 erpm to not destroy the DRV. So you would need a very low kv motor with larger blades.

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Re: vesc on a multicopter

Postby jlcortex » 17 Oct 2017, 19:04

I am also curious about VESC on multicopters. we are testing FOC ESCs and it seems much better than BLDC ESCs.

We are using 30inch propellers and RPM are about 4000rpm never more than 4500rpm, and motors are 24-slot/28-pole (than i remember). I don't know how to calculate ERPM but i am sure it is ok for VESC.

We are thinking to build a bigger than 30inch multicopter, and VESC could be and option.

I am searching and i can not find a project using VESC on a multicopter, only this reference:

"Use Median Filter enables a filter that is very useful when there are glitches on the PPM signal. If you have a quadcopter application, you should disable the filter and make sure that there are no glitches since a filter introduces some delay."

I would like to test but I'd like to read about a previous experience!

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