Setting up dev environment

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Setting up dev environment

Postby nickw1881 » 12 Jan 2017, 05:46

Greetings! I am setting up a development environment to modify the bldc code and I want to check if I missed anything. I am hoping to use eclipse-cdt since I am comfortable with that editor and it's a little easier for me to navigate large projects with the editors help. I want to make sure I don't brick my vesc if I can avoid it. Here is what I did:

I cloned the repository
git clone

followed chibi OS instructions at ... s:eclipse2
From within Eclipse select “File→New→C_Project”, a dialog box will show.
Select “Makefile_project→Empty_Project” in the “Project type:” box.
Select “– Other Toolchain --” in the “Toolchains:” box.
Unselect the “Use default location” check box.
Select the "bldc" directory using the “Browse…” button.
In the project name box put the same name of the directory "bldc"
Click "Finish".

That created the project, and it seems to build when I click the build button- hooray!

The VESC instructions say to use the "make upload" command to upload code to the VESC through openocd. I would like to use Eclipse GDB to upload and debug changes I might make. Is there instructions on that?

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