Offline data logging

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Offline data logging

Postby hyperjm » 04 Jan 2016, 09:43

Video overlay logging is awesome! But if I'm not wrong it involves carrying a laptop around as we ride?
Has anyone tried offline data-logging? perhaps with a tiny ubuntu stick? Am gonna try it myself (on a GK802) in a few days, just curious to see if anyone else has done this sorta thing and what kinda ram/processing speed we'll need :)

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Re: Offline data logging

Postby benjamin » 12 Jan 2016, 09:40

I have not done that yet, but is should be easy with something like a raspberry pi or the one that you linked if you can get Qt running on it. Just make a small command line program based on packetinterface in BLDC Tool. It would be nice to hear if you get anything running. The processing power required for just logging data in text files should be minimal.

Since the latest VESC has hardware SPI on the comm port, is should be possible to connect an SD card and make an app that logs data to it. There is good sd card support in chibios, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Maybe I will have a look at that some time.

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Re: Offline data logging

Postby erwincoumans » 30 Jan 2016, 20:45

It would also be easy with an Arduino connected to VESC over UART, using a cheap data logging shield to SD card, with RTC clock timestamps: ... ailpages00

I'll report the results and share the Arduino script sending the 'COMM_GET_VALUES' to VESC.

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Re: Offline data logging

Postby Tim » 21 May 2017, 20:48

Didn't want to bump this thread until I could contribute something....

I made a small script that runs on a raspberry pi and logs data trough uart into influxdb: ... a337f86c90

It's literally just that at this point. It seems like there is a full second latency, and I'd like to make a real time dashboard and I think this is too much latency. But perhaps its useful to someone :mrgreen:
I will go trough with making a simple dashboard based on this, because influxdb has a very nice and simple API it seems, and perhaps I find it tolerable for a first version. Also, I tested this on a raspberry pi zero w, I have a pi 3b on the way, perhaps that fixes the issue too. ;)

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