NRF Nunchuck Signal drop/weird behavior !

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NRF Nunchuck Signal drop/weird behavior !

Postby okp » 31 Dec 2015, 12:50

Hey Benjamin,

I was riding this morning in BLDC & Nunchuck... and it seems that the FOC weird behavior may also come from the NRF NUNCHUCK.

When this happens at speed, it's ultra dangerous, as the nunchuck drop signals (at least it seems) and then when you press C ... or Z... it accelerates suddenly... I thing this is what has happened to me some months ago and that's why I went back to PPM.

I went back to the nunchuck because of the TV ITW to show your products/developments and then I tested FOC but went back to BLDC and kept the nunchuck.

Here's the video. You also have at the end the full VESC configuration (SLAVE & MASTER) for the full session, no faults.

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