Home made VESC Abs Over current

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Home made VESC Abs Over current

Postby upgration » 22 Jul 2016, 16:53

Hi guys,

today I flashed my home made(soldered everything manually) VESC and everything seemed fine, until I tried to detect the motors parameters. It only jumped a bit and then stopped. The bldc tool says:"bad detection result received". In order to narrow down the error I disconnect the motor from the vesc. However in the realtime data tab it says:" Fault code abs over current". The motor current says: 147A, which obviously is not correct, since the battery current is less than 0.2A. So these two results doesn't sound good. For the VESC I used 0,5mOhm shunt instead of 1mOhm... Can this fact cause such an error? I did a continuity test for the MOSFETS circuit and there where no shorts or solder bridges.

If anyone has an explanation for the errors I get or even has a suggestion to solve the problem I'd appreciate it.


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