Detecting BLDC paramters

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Detecting BLDC paramters

Postby kkolehma » 26 Dec 2015, 15:50

I have problem getting the parameters detected for my custom motor. The motor has 12 fingers and 10 magnet pairs winded as dLRK and connected as star (if that matters).

I am getting this error:
Current : 47.8
Current filtered : 60.8
Voltage : 32.13
Duty : 0.36
RPM : 359.2
Tacho : 608
Cycles running : 37008
TIM duty : 3712
TIM val samp : 1813
TIM current samp : 6918
TIM top : 10210
Comm step : 6
Temperature : 28.24

If I increase current limits, the motor will have a big kick at the end of detection cycle and VESC turns off.

If I try to use following command: param_detect 2.0 450 0.12 (same parameter as with GUI) it makes a short spin and detection fails again. No fault is recorded however...

I am at loss of what I should try next. Any pointers would be appreciated

Posts: 11
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Re: Detecting BLDC paramters

Postby kkolehma » 28 Dec 2015, 14:30

Well I should have checked the connections first. One of the phases was crossed with another motor on same assembly. No wonder the motor doesn't run smoothly with just two phases.

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