Issues with detect and startup

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Issues with detect and startup

Postby elektrinis » 30 May 2016, 19:54

I have an old V4.0 board, currently with 2.15 firmware.
I have tried the VESC on maybe 10 different motors, usually quite large: Revolt 160, MXUS 3000W V2, RotoMax 150cc. All sensorless, around 48V.

In all cases the story goes like this: detection almost never works. Sometimes it does, then I save the parameters.
It runs fine, but startup is very complicated: motor rattles a lot until it is moved by hand or somehow hits a correct phase on it's own.
Here is a video with large hub motor:

It seems like VESC is unable to detect correct phase angle on two sectors. When spinning faster, it is not an issue.

Do I have a hardware problem, or is it to be expected? I saw there was some adjustments of shunt sense traces on later board revisions. Was this fixed, I should I still get better results than that?

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