Question about improvement og VESC 6.4

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Question about improvement og VESC 6.4

Postby LazyDuke » 17 Nov 2017, 18:10

I really like VESC 4 and the whole project. Really stunning work! You did so much for the community - Thank you Mr. Vedder :)
What I am curious about are the improvements of the VESC 6.4
Shure, the direct FETs can handle more current and provide better cooling options!

Why did you switch to 3 Shunts? Third Phase current is easy to calculate...

How did you manage to stableize FOC mode on that Layout?
Is it based on more percice current measurement because of the amplifier and maybe other gain step available of the DRV?

How is the DRV protected against harmfull impacts?
Just by using the current sense amplifier?

Why are higher erpms possible on Layout 6.4?

I hope you can help me clarify me questions. Would be awesome!

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