Hub motor + AS5047 + ring magnet

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Hub motor + AS5047 + ring magnet

Postby Cristian » 13 Oct 2017, 07:05

Hi folks,

I want to use the VESC to control hub motors which will have the axle coming out at both ends so there is no way to attach the small magnet that comes with the AS5047 encoder
So I was wondering how can I overcome it and thought of attaching a ring magnet to the motor and put the encoder close to that on one side figuring that if its magnetic field is across instead of being aligned with its axis it should be same for the encoder

Can somebodymore knowledgeable provide opinions on this?

Will the motor be ok with the magnet attached at one end?
Will the VESC be unaffected?
Will the encoder work this way?

Thanks a lot!

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