High Power Omni-wheel robot using VESCs, 7000W motors

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High Power Omni-wheel robot using VESCs, 7000W motors

Postby jgeating » 22 Mar 2016, 02:33

I made a robot using VESCs, motors from Alien Power Systems with embedded hall effect sensors, and omni-wheels. This was mainly to get some experience with high power brushless motors and VESCs, but it might also just become a battlebot or other cool robot one day.


More info on the page here:
https://jgeating.wordpress.com/2016/03/ ... eel-robot/

These were using older boards from Enertion, so the firmware was limited to 1.10. The performance was still pretty sweet though. There is a lot of room for improvement in the system level controls, to stabilize it when it spins out of control. There is currently a gyro with a simple P loop trying to maintain its heading, but it's not robust at all. I'd love to hear input on this. Some of the next things I'd like to do are (1) switch to mecanum wheels to balance force and prevent spinning out of control (2) put more time into the control algorithms on the arduino controlling the three VESCs (3) upgrade to 2.8 and see if that increases performance (4) mount some stereo cameras and an airsoft gun, and sell it to an indoor airsoft arena (5) add two 2-axis force sensitive footpads so it can be driven like a hoverboard, but also sideways.

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