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MCConfig differences between command.c and the default.xml?

Posted: 22 Jul 2017, 00:53
by evoheyax
Using firmware 2.18, I used the bldc tool to get the default firmware values. In going through this xml, I noticed 2 differences.

- In command.c under COMM_SET_MCCONF, there is a sl_phase_advance_at_br variable. This does not exist in the xml file of the default settings, and instead, there is a sl_cycle_int_limit_high_fac variable. Are these the same variable?

- In command.c under COMM_SET_MCCONF, theres lo_current_max, lo_current_min, lo_in_current_max, and lo_in_current_min. None of these exist in the xml file of the default settings. What are these variables used for?

I ask these because I'm I am working on reading and writing settings to and from the vesc through my iphone app, VESC Status. I need to use COMM_GET_MCCONF and COMM_SET_MCCONF to do this, and thus, I need to know what's what to make sure I send the right data.

Thank you for any help.