Controlling VESC using UART and current control

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Controlling VESC using UART and current control

Postby MikeLemon » 17 Jul 2017, 20:47


I'd like to control a VESC using UART and I've came across this arduino library that allows to set it in a single function.
now my question is what should be the minimum and maximum value for the current setting(the function takes float)
and if I apply a negative value does it brake and return power to the battery(regen braking after moment) or does it just heat the battery or doesn't do anything( just to mention I want to control it with UART the same I control it with PPM cable just map to the appropriate values).

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Re: Controlling VESC using UART and current control

Postby rew » 18 Jul 2017, 04:40

I THINK your set current would need a value from 0 to max-current. Or actually from -max to +max.

If you provide a negative number the motor will apply negative torque. The controller will start to charge the battery. But if you do that long enough, the speed will reduce to zero and reverse.

There might also be a command to set a brake current. Then the VESC will stop applying current once it reaches zero speed.

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