VESC Video Logging Help

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VESC Video Logging Help

Postby Jazza » 11 Jul 2017, 16:14

Hi all,
sorry if this is the wrong place but looking for some help/advice in trying to set up for video logging.
Having done the easy part of putting together an e-board with vedders fantastic ESC, I now feel the need to log data to my laptop to ensure its running correctly. I feel it'd be far more useful to log data in a manner that i can look back on after riding rather than having to examine it while riding.
So I've been trying to set up the open source video logging.

So despite zero experience in Linux & programming, so far I've set up a virtual machine running ubuntu, and following the read me instructions installed the dependencies and openSV but as electronics is just a basic hobby of mine the instructions compile, qmake and make are a little too vague to work with. (I have spent a good few hours trying before looking for help)
I'd appreciate any help like pointing out what I need to do to compile it correctly.

(Hoping this is mildly better recieved than the spam ;) )

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Re: VESC Video Logging Help

Postby amund7 » 12 Jul 2017, 21:10

The easy way out would be this + android phone + the mentioned bluetooth chip:

It also has the video logging function, but more useful is the automatic CSV logging. Combine that with my graph analyzer and you have a killer combo ;)

PS. I do not mean to discourage to do-it-yourself, but I know from experience that compiling a big software package can be VERY frustrating, sometimes impossible. My tactic is to get an example running (from New Project menu in your development environment of choice), then starting to paste or move source files into that project.

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Re: VESC Video Logging Help

Postby Jazza » 13 Jul 2017, 12:48

Great comprehensive answer, thanks for the advice! :D

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