Does the GCC Arm version matter

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Does the GCC Arm version matter

Postby sharkfac3 » 28 Feb 2016, 09:42

Hello all!!!

I am getting rolling on getting my VESC working but as of right now need to get a laptop charger to power the VESC while I configure it. While I am waiting to get a hold of that (ill have it in the next 24) I wanted to ask if anybody knew if the version numbers for what I install to my linux OS matter.

Obviously most of you are running Ubuntu, but I am a major fan of Arch. On arch I can easily install GCC Arm, but the version will be 5.3. I know from looking at the instructions that I am supposed to run the command

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sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi=

Which tells Ubuntu to install version 4.9.3 of the GCC Arm compiler. I could probably track down version 4.9 via the AUR DB, but I would rather just keep that guy up to the bleeding edge of up to date like the rest of my OS is.

So if I have GCC Arm 5.3 it is going to cause a problem isnt it, since Vedder is using 4.9.3?

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